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Hello Gemini World

Yup, this post has been written for my Gemini Capsule, hosted on pages.sr.ht, which also does static site hosting ;-)

Project Gemini

Gemini Capsule hosting at pages.sr.ht

Static site hosting at pages.sr.ht

I'm currently investigating using Gemini as the source for my written output. As the Gemini protocol is very much about simple text rendering, it creates some nice constraints that help you focus.

Gemtext Test

The rest of this page shows everything allowed in Gemtext. It's really here just so that I can test styling the content when converted to HTML!

This is normal text.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

While links are written in the same way regardless of the URL protocol or file type, some Gemini clients show links a little differently depending on what they point to. So here's a few different URLs.

A gemini link.

A https link.

An image link.

An SVG link.

The following is a list...

The following is a quote...

Always developing

Finally, we have pre formatted text...

   _                   _                 
  (_)__ ____  __ _    (_)__  ___  ___ ___
 / / _ `/ _ \/  ' \  / / _ \/ _ \/ -_|_-<
/_/\_,_/_//_/_/_/_/_/ /\___/_//_/\__/___/

That's all folks!


"Hello Gemini World" was published on May 15, 2021.