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WP Table Pixie Premium discontinued

I've just sent the following email to my list of contacts that opted in to receiving messages about WP Table Pixie...


You're receiving this message because at some point you opted into getting emails from Byte Pixie (a.k.a. me, Ian M. Jones) due to your usage of or interest in the WP Table Pixie plugin.

If you're not interested in WP Table Pixie, no worries, just delete this email as it's the last email you'll ever get about WP Table Pixie anyway! 😂

As the subject says, I'm no longer selling WP Table Pixie. If you have an active subscription then you'll likely receive another email very soon notifying you that your subscription has been cancelled and will not be renewed when it comes due. Your license will however remain usable, it has not been cancelled.

At this point you're probably crying inconsolably at the thought of losing WP Table Pixie. 😉

But cry no more as the free WP Table Pixie plugin hosted on wp.org now includes all the premium features, and some bug fixes too! 🎉


For best results I recommend deactivating any installation of WP Table Pixie Premium before activating the free version.

When you switch to the updated free version of WP Table Pixie 1.2.0 it'll pick up your existing settings regardless of whether you've been using the premium or free version.

Thanks to everyone that helped support the development of WP Table Pixie by paying for the premium version, you were one of the very few (hence why I'm no longer selling it) wonderful people that encouraged open source development with your cold hard cash.

Take care,



"WP Table Pixie Premium discontinued" was published on September 20, 2021.