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WP Cron Pixie 1.4 Released

Just released WP Cron Pixie 1.4, the latest update to my little dashboard widget to view the WordPress cron, and run an event now rather than later.

In this release we have the following changes...

A couple of things not mentioned in the changelog are that the "Refresh" icon does a nifty little spin as data is being refreshed or events are being run manually to give a little UI feedback, and this version has been tested with WordPress 5.0 beta 2.

It's available from the WordPress plugin repository, or from its GitHub repository.

WordPress plugin repository

GitHub repository

I had a lot of fun developing this version, using the Elm language for web development is so fast and efficient. Elm is a small language packed with power, the combination of a functional and static typed compiled language with a well thought out application architecture make for a great development platform.


WP Cron Pixie dashboard widget screenshot [IMG]


"WP Cron Pixie 1.4 Released" was published on October 30, 2018.