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Snippet Pixie 1.5.0

I've just realised that I forgot to post that Snippet Pixie 1.5.0 was released, almost 4 months ago!

Snippet Pixie 1.5.0 was released

Here's what the 1.5.0 released included:

Being able to search snippets in the main window is very useful while adding or editing snippets, especially once you've accumulated quite a few.

Over time I've found that I tend to use the same handful of snippets over and over again while working in a particular context. So this release now orders the entries shown in the Search & Paste window by most recently used first, whether there's a search or not. This has proven to be a huge productivity boost for me.

Once you've got a good library of snippets created, adding shortcuts to the main window in this release doesn't really make much difference to you as you rarely using that window. However, when you're starting out with Snippet Pixie or in a phase of editing a bunch of existing snippets, this new feature will be very helpful.

The last two entries in the release notes relate to how the main and search & paste windows are themed. If a Linux desktop supports light and dark themes, Snippet Pixie should now switch its styling according to the user's preference. Along with that came a reduction in custom styling for Snippet Pixie, it's now using standard colours for the header bar and pretty much everywhere else so that it can easily switch between light and dark, and generally fit in with whatever desktop is in use.

Snippet Pixie 1.5.0 is available from the elementary OS AppCenter, the Snap Store, and nixpkgs.

elementary OS AppCenter

Snap Store



"Snippet Pixie 1.5.0" was published on February 28, 2021.