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The other day, OSNews launched their own Gemini capsule. For a site that as far as I can tell, is basically text only, this makes perfect sense, and was an instant bookmark and subscribe in the Gemini browser I use daily, Amfora.

OSNews launches Gemini capsule

OSNews Gemini Capsule

Amfora - alas in maintenance mode

OSNews adding a Gemini capsule prompted me to reminisce about the site, and wonder just how long it's been adding interesting links and commentary items to my daily RSS feed reading habit.

One of the oldest OS's I remember being introduced to me via OSNews is Unununium. From searching OSNews, first mention of Unununium was in September 2001, so that means I've been reading the site for at least 22 years!


OSNews - First Operating Engine Without a Kernel (Unununium)

Unununium was a very interesting system written in assembly where everything was in user space, even the kernel, as such, and I remember enjoying building and installing it on some old hardware, or maybe in a virtual machine, not quite sure. I remember trying out a bunch of other "hobby" operating systems at the time, there seemed to be quite a renaissance at the time.

I suspect I first became aware of OSNews via some coverage of BeOS, which they covered quite often, and after its demise, Haiku too. I really loved BeOS, still have some original disks I'm loathed to throw out (I gave away my BeOS Bible and developer's guide though), and often find myself firing up Haiku in quickemu or on an old laptop to see just how far it is getting along (very far, it's really good and stable for me these days).

In fact, I visit the Haiku Community forum every day to keep tabs on the project, and of course I subscribe to its blog, and its Gemini capsule.

OSNews - Search Results for: BeOS

OSNews - Search Results for: haiku


Haiku Community

Haiku Gemini Capsule

While Unununium and BeOS are long dead, OSNews is still very much alive and kicking, and I still read it every day, often being sent off on some rat-hole of reading about some new project or interesting going-ons in the world of OSes and open source software and hardware.

As mentioned, I generally read OSNews via RSS, but while searching for Unununium on the site I of course got to see what it looks like today, which isn't too dissimilar to how I remember it always being, clean, simple and content focussed.

One thing I didn't know, and noticed while looking at the site for the first time in ages, was that OSNews has a Patreon account. Seeing as I've been enjoying the site for so long, for free, seemed like a no-brainer to become a member, and show my support.

OSNews Patreon

Anyway, thank you OSNews for launching a Gemini capsule, and thanks for keeping me informed about operating systems new, old, big and small for such a long time.


"OSNews" was published on August 28, 2023.