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2023-09-21 08:58:15

Svelte 5 runes are going to be awesome! 🎉

Introducing [Svelte 5] runes

I've definitely hit some of the pain points that runes seek to address.

In particular, the $derived rune will simplify a whole bunch of code for me

that currently necessitates using $: along with passing extra variables into

a function to ensure reactive values flow.

Being able to refactor some reactive code out to JavaScript files will also

be a big win, some of our script tags are getting a little unwieldy.

Really looking forward to getting my hands on Svelte 5 and doing a little bit

of code gardening next time I hit some code that can be simplified by runes.


"2023-09-21 08:58:15" was published on September 21, 2023.