2022-06-02 19:33:02

It's a big day! The WordPress plugin I work on, WP Offload Media, along with the other plugins developed by Delicious Brains, have been acquired by WP Engine!

The teams behind the Delicious Brains plugins are all moving across to work for WP Engine, keeping continuity of development and support.

After nearly 8 years working with Delicious Brains, I'm a little sad to be parting ways with Brad, who's been a great boss and friend, and I'll be forever grateful that he took a chance on hiring me so long ago.

However, I'm also rather excited to be able to continue working on WP Offload Media. We've got some awesome stuff already in development and planned for WP Offload Media, and I think WP Engine is going to be a great company to continue the plugin's journey forward with.

WP Engine Has Acquired the Delicious Brains Plugins!!

WP Engine Acquires Popular Delicious Brains WordPress Plugins Including Developer Favorite Advanced Custom Fields


"2022-06-02 19:33:02" was published on June 2, 2022.