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2021-08-29 16:33:08

I've had fun in my last couple of Always Developing sessions.

In the first of them, Always Developing #55, I had a quick look at the Wails desktop app framework that uses Go for the backend, and web technologies for the frontend.

I of course used Svelte on the frontend 😄. After a quick look, I then started seeing if I could work out how to package the demo app as a Flatpak. This was in response to a discussion thread I'd seen on the Wails GitHub repo.

Playing with Wails app builder: Part 1 - Trying to package app as a Flatpak | Always Developing #55


GitHub discussion

I didn't get far with the Flatpak in session #55 as I ran out of time. But this morning I had a bit of time so had a go at finishing it off in Always Developing #56, and actually managed to do it. 🎉

Playing with Wails app builder: Part 2 - Finishing Flatpak of app | Always Developing #56

Wails looks very interesting, definitely going to play with it some more, and consider it for future endeavours.


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